Effective Makeup Tips for faces with Freckles

Looking fair and having a fair complexion is often a dream for many. But most of the times, people with fair complexion come across with the problem of freckles. This is mainly because they would have less melanin content in their skin. When there is less content of melanin, it often causes the development of freckles.

Among kids, freckles actually look cute! However, as you grow, this looks a little ugly and hence, it is essential to cover the same. Freckles can be covered with the help of makeup. Below mentioned are some tips, which will help you to cover freckles with makeup.

makeup tips for faces with freckles

Make Use of a Foundation and a Concealer

Use a foundation before you apply anything else to cover the freckles. Make sure that the shade of the foundation matches with your skin. It is also advised to make use of a good concealer before you step out. Make sure that the concealer that you use is lighter in shade when compared to the foundation that you use. It is advised to make use of yellow based concealer for effective results.

Choose a Good Face Moisturizer with Good SPF Content

Moisturizing skin is essential for taking off the wrinkles. It also assists in the prevention of freckles. For this sake, it is ideal to go for such a moisturizer, which also includes good SPF content in it. It protects skin against the sun damage and also hinders the appearance of any new freckles.

Use Homemade Serums

For hiding freckles, a pre make up step can be helpful like applying homemade serums. Take few drops of lemon juice and mix it with water and rub it well into the skin, avoid the eye zone. Let it dry for about ten minutes and then rinse prior applying your makeup. Use a sour cream mask to lighten the freckles prior applying makeup each time.

The smell is bad, but never mind if it can lighten your freckles naturally. Lemon juice if combined with honey, cucumber juice can make a fine mask to lighten freckles. Keep it for about 20 minutes and rinse off to apply makeup.

There are numerous artificial ways of covering and removal of the freckles. However, they could sometimes prove to be harmful for your skin. Hence, it is ideal to follow the above mentioned tips, which will help you to cover the freckles with makeup. Make use of the above tips and flaunt your beautiful skin and cover your freckles in an instant way.

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