Treatment of Hives in Children

Children have hives very commonly and they show up as red, itchy, and white raised welts on the skin. It can appear anywhere on the skin and is also known as urticaria. These are not contagious and usually subside by its own after few hours or sometimes a few days.

Hives occur due to an allergic reaction in the body and they spread out very quickly. Once the allergy has taken place, the body will start releasing a chemical known as histamine and this is responsible for the hives. Hives can also be accompanied by angioedema that leads to swelling around the lips, eyes, feet, hands, or throat. There are many options to treat hives in children; it should be done promptly as it causes discomfort and pain in the area.

hives in childrenAntihistamine Dose

This is the first step to treat hives in children. Give your child an antihistamine as soon as the first sign of hives appear. Allergic reactions spread out really fast, thus don’t wait to see consequences that can lead to worst situation. Ask your doctor about the dosage that will be decided on the basis of your child’s height and weight. The dose can be repeated every four hours to treat the swelling and itching.

Oatmeal Bath

Make an oatmeal bath, keeping the temperature lukewarm – this significantly reduces itching and redness. Oatmeal will soothe irritated skin and calm down the inflamed tissues. You can get the colloidal oatmeal preparations to use as bath soaks. Do not sctratch them as it will make them spread all across the surrounding skin.

Cooling Ointment

There are many soothing ointments that can be applied on the hives to reduce the irritation; since children tend to scratch the skin with the slightest irritation, your first motive would be to reduce the skin irritation. Aloe vera creams serves the best purpose and also the ice cubes can reduce itching magically. The bumps will also subside slowly.

Traditional Home Remedies

These came from our ancestors and have been safe with children till date. Take a cup of baking soda and add few drops of water to make a paste; apply it on the affected area to sooth the pain and itching. As per Chinese medicine, boil one-quarter cup of brown sugar and add a pinch of fresh ginger in half cup of vinegar; after 30 minutes this solution is ready to be applied on the hives mixed with a little warm water. The hives will settle down soon.

When your child is having hives, always dress her/ him in loose clothing. Tight clothing will make the hives spread out further. In some cases, home remedies do not work effectively on hives especially if its severe and have spread out; in such cases consult your doctor immediately.

Check if the child’s face has started to swollen, it will prove to be an extreme allergic reaction. The throat will also swell up eventually causing breathing trouble; if your child starts feeling dizzy and drowsy do not waste any time at home and take him / her to the emergency unit immediately.

Severe cases can even lead to anaphylactic shock and angioedema. The best way to prevent hives is to be careful about what you are feeding the child and allowing on skin. Look for any signs of allergy when you are introducing any new food and be very careful about the observation.


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