How Sebaceous Cysts Are Produced On The Skin?

skin cystsSebaceous cysts are skin cysts produced from blocked oil glands of the skin. The most common site of these cysts is the face, trunk, back, chest, scalp and ears.

In some cases, they can be seen in other parts of the body, excluding palms and soles of the hands and feet respectively.

Blocking of sebaceous glands, swelling of hair follicles, and production of excessive testosterone are the sources of sebaceous cysts. There is a case in which Dermatobia hominis is the cause of these cysts.

Sebaceous cysts are the collection of keratin material (firm white cheesy material) in the cyst wall. If the sebaceous cyst is infected, it will become red with pain and swelling.

Unless the cyst continues to grow, infected, painful, and unsightly, it does not require any treatment. The treatment for this condition is the removal of the cyst, that means removing complete cyst wall or else there are high chances of the cyst to recur again.

Surgical methods to remove the sebaceous cyst completely!

This surgical excision is a simple method that completely removes the sac and the contents of the cyst. There are three approaches of surgical excision, which include: Traditional wide excision, punch biopsy excision, and minimal excision.

To perform the surgical excision of the cyst or for removing the contents of the cyst wall, first the area surrounding the cyst is numbed with the local anesthesia. Then with the use of scalpel, the lesion is opened with a single cut in the center of the lesion or oval cut at both sides of the center point.

In case, if the cyst is small, it is pierced and then the keratin material surrounding the cyst will be squeezed. Now, with the help of blunt headed scissors, the incision is wide opened and cyst intact is removed with the use of forceps or fingers.

You can expect 100% cure rate if the cyst was removed with one pierce, otherwise electrocauterization is done to destroy them completely.

The nonsurgical effective method of treatment to remove sebaceous cyst is placing the heat pad on the cyst directly for approximately 15 minutes two times a day for almost ten days or more depending on the cyst size and location.

Grandma’s Way of Treating Skin Problems

In this nonsurgical method, the heat pad brings the temperature of the cyst content to the temperature where it can get melted, reabsorbed, and processed by the body.

By this method, you can avoid risks of surgery and this is affordable for everyone.

Remember not to pierce the cyst by yourself under any circumstances as this can lead to infection and damages the surrounding tissue.

If you have a cyst in the genital area, then the physician’s attention is must as these are a form of herpes.

Even though the normal sebaceous cysts do not require any treatment, it is good to have it examined by the doctor for any signs of skin cancer. So, call your health care physician immediately if you notice any new growth on your body.

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