How To Get Rid Of Acne Easily? Try Acne Remedy Using Home-Based Products!

Being an acne sufferer for a long time, it is very common that you keep on searching for the best acne remedy to control and prevent the condition.

Acne refers to the skin disorder of the pilosebaceous units (PSUs), a unit of the hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and sebaceous duct.

Acne occurs mostly on the face, arms, upper back, and chest, the areas where the pilosebaceous units are numerous.

Acne usually develops when the excess sebaceous glands, the oil-producing glands, and dead skin cells become absorbed in the hair follicle to create a plug in the pore.Acne Remedy

This plug of dead cells and oil is called a comedone (blackheads and whiteheads).

The most common causes of acne are hormonal changes, birth control pills, stress [Stress Management], genes, cosmetic chemicals, unhygienic foods, and improper skin care.

Although there is no cure for acne, there are several acne remedy options to control acne successfully. One such remedy to control acne is using home-based products.

The most popular acne remedy to reduce acne swelling is by applying toothpaste on the pimple area at nights or placing strawberry leaves on the acne area.

Washing the face two times a day with warm salty water can make the skin oil-free, without irritating the acne.

To prevent acne, blackheads [Get rid of Blackheads], wrinkles, and pimples, apply fresh methi (fenugreek) paste over the face daily at nights for ten to fifteen minutes and wash with warm water.

Apply mixture of lemon and rose water (equal quantities) on the face for half-an-hour and wash it with fresh warm water. Fifteen days of this application helps cure acne, pimples, and scars. Even the skin of lemon is an acne remedy that acts as a massager to the face.

Rose water is an acne remedy. Cleaning the face with rose water dipped cotton wool twice a day helps cure acne. Apply the paste of sandalwood powder and rosewater on the face and rinse off after half-an-hour to cure acne and black heads.

Healthy diet also plays a role in acne remedy. The diet should include minimum of five servings of vegetables and fresh fruits. Vitamin B5 and zinc supplements daily in the diet helps support the skin’s resistance to acne.

Apply the paste of orange peel powder and water on affected area to cure acne. It is one of the best acne remedies.

Honey is a great acne remedy for acne and skin blemishes, as it helps kill bacteria. Also, apply Aloe Vera juice twice a day to heal acne lesions speedily.

A mixture of turmeric powder and mint juice is also an acne remedy. Apply the paste for 15-30 minutes on affected area and rinse it off.

Apply the mixture of corn flour and egg white on the face for 30 minutes and massage and wash the face with warm water. Repeating this acne remedy regularly help heal acne easily.

Moreover, drink plenty of water to help prevent skin problems. Also, exercise regularly, as it helps supply oxygen to the cells to keep the skin healthy all the time.


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