Is Acne Troubling You? Acne Skin Care!

acneAs you all know acne is a group of skin rashes that have different causes. You must be very anxious to know what causes this acne. Then what are you waiting for, start your reading now.

At the end of this session you will know what its causes are and also how to prevent it from troubling you. I know you had a really bad time all this while with this troublesome acne.

Don’t worry! To certain extent you can get the situation under control. Just find out the cause of this and try to work to beat the cause. Complete information on its causes, tips to control them, preventive measures to be taken and also if already effected then what treatments can be taken; this and much more is available on various sites.

You might be wondering that why I am effected and not my friends, why their skin is so clear and mine not. Don’t worry something surely can be done. However exactly why some people get acne and some do not is not fully known. In some cases it might be hereditary and in some several other reasons like hormonal activity, such as menstrual cycles and puberty may be a reason.

Other common reasons may be stress, through increased output of hormones from the adrenal (stress) glands, hyperactive sebaceous glands, accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria in the pores, to which the body becomes ‘allergic’, use of anabolic steroids, any medication containing halogens (iodides, chlorides, bromides), lithium, barbiturates, or androgens skin irritation or scratching of any sort will activate inflammation.

There are many myths or common misconceptions about what causes this. Poor hygiene or a bad diet of chocolates and sweets! No don’t be under misconception that this leads to acne. Neither dirt nor diet actually causes acne. Please keep in mind that acne is caused by excessive oil production in the sebaceous glands.

You might be thinking if oil is the cause of it then washing you’re face once or twice daily with mild soap and water will serve the purpose of preventing acne. But remember friends just removing the dirt or oil from the face temporarily won’t help. A change is needed from within you.

Some important finger tips to follow to prevent acne. Drink plenty of water. Water makes the skin moisturized, softens and healthy. Evening prime rose oil and vitamin E found in wheat germ, eggs, nuts and seeds will helps the skin to get ride of acne and makes healthy skin. Wash your face thoroughly at least trice a day.

There are many other issues to be considered before using birth control pills as an acne reducing treatment. Whether the person has used any other treatment before embarking upon this treatment is most important. There are many pros and cons about taking birth control pills without considering.

Oops! You have to attend a party in a week and this new acne on your beautiful cheek Will this go off? Don’t worry the individual outbreaks of acne can last between two and four days from the formation of the acne to gradual fading of the acne, pimple or blackhead. However treatment helps to shorten the lifespan of the outbreaks by drying out the areas and deep cleansing the pores.


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