Is Sweaty Feet Troubling You More? Few Suggestions To Stay Away From Foot Disorder!

Sweaty feet are a major complaint for many. It is a disorder where the sweat glands of the feet produce sweat excessively.

This feet disorder is medically known as Plantar Hyperhidrosis and it has much to do with the functioning of the sweat glands in the feet.

Sweat glands usually work to keep the skin moist and supple. As the amount of sweat glands in the feet is more than other parts of the body, the secretion of sweat is also more in feet.

Since you normally wear shoes for a long time, the sweat from the sweat glands of foot cannot able to evaporate and remains within the shoes.feet troubling

This sweat then becomes smelly after some time due to the bacteria that work on the sweat to generate smelly fatty acids. Also, the warm moisture in the shoe promotes the fungi to develop where it in turn adds to the development of cheesy smell.

The odds of having sweaty feet are more in people who have sweaty hands. It is also more in people who regularly undergo stress, as it triggers the brain to produce more sweat to keep the skin cool.

Sweaty feet not only cause a feeling of embarrassment, but uncomfortable. So, what you have to do in order to control sweaty feet? Maintaining proper hygiene is the best way to deal with sweaty feet. Here are a few suggestions to keep your feet hygiene:

Feet hygiene

  • Clean your feet regularly using warm water that contains few drops of tea-tree oil. The anti-bacterial properties of tea-tree oil combats and eliminate the bacteria. Dry the feet using a clean towel and allow it to dry completely.
  • It is also good to soak feet regularly in black tea containing tannic acid for about 30 minutes and fully dry your feet. For black tea, take two spoons of tea powder and boil it in 500 ml water for about fifteen minutes and add two liters of cool water to it.
  • Fungal infections can develop between the toes when the feet are warm and moist. So, examine the toes carefully for fungal infections where the toe area appears red. Use an antifungal foot spray or antifungal foot powder to control the infection. If the infection still exists, consult the doctor immediately.
  • Hard skin in region of the foot sole can become moist when damp and provides a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to live. So, examine your foot sole for hard skin. Remove the hard skin of foot sole (if any) by rubbing the area using a pumice stone.


Use socks that have 70 percent wool and 30 percent man-made fiber and avoid socks completely made of nylon or cotton. Socks made of these materials are not good at holding much moisture without allowing to get saturated. Also, see that you don’t wear too tight socks. So, wear sports socks that move sweat away from the foot or correct socks after washing.


  • Lining of the shoes are most essential to check before buying and using shoes. It is good to prefer leather shoes lined with leather or without any lining.
  • Also, prefer shoes that have washable insoles where you can wash the shoes regularly to keep the bad smell away.

With proper foot care, one can stay away from sweaty feet!


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