Melasma Is The Skin Discoloration Problem In Women!

There are various problems which occur on your skin. Among them, skin discoloration is the problem which occurs due to hyper pigmentation.

It is the common and harmless problem that occurs when certain areas of your skin changes into darker color.

Skin discoloration is the problem which occurs due to excess production of melanin.

Melanin is the useful pigment which is necessary to maintain the color of your skin. This pigment will be produced by melanocytes.Skin Discoloration

The production of melanin should be balanced correctly. The less production of melanin will lead to some problems such as grey hair, lack of hemoglobin etc.

The excess production of melanin can also cause some problems such as patches on your skin in darker colors. This type of situation is named as skin discoloration.

Melanin is the pigment in brown color. It will help your skin to stay in natural color. The excess production of this pigment occurs as a result of overexposure to the sun. Due to the over production of melanin, your skin will change into dark color.

Age spots and freckles are also the problems which occur due to hyper pigmentation. Age spots are the dark areas which will be usually found on your face, arms, hands and other parts of the body which will be frequently exposed to sun.

Age spots are also known as solar lentigines. Freckles are also the dark spots appear on your skin. Freckles will be in brown color. They can occur on any part of the body. They can be found most often on hands, face, arms, chest and back.

The skin discoloration on women:

There are many reasons for skin discoloration on women. The common skin discoloration that occurs in women is melasma or cloasma. There will be brown spots formed on your cheeks, upper lip and forehead if you have this type of discoloration.

Hormonal changes will cause this melasma discoloration. This will occur mostly due to pregnancy. Usage of birth control pills will also cause this discoloration because, these birth control pills will imbalance the function of hormones.

Brown color spots will be appeared on your skin after stopping the usage of birth control pills. Usually these spots will disappear mostly after pregnancy.

Deficiency of folic acid and PABA will also lead to skin discoloration. Deficiency of these substances can also increase the hormonal function in your body.

Eating habits and your lifestyle can prevent skin discoloration:

  • You should eat the foods which contain lot of folic acid in it. You can find folic acid more in green leafy vegetables, whole grains like oats, barley and whole wheat.
  • You should protect your skin from sun rays. You should make use of sunscreen lotions which contains PABA as ingredient.
  • You should take useful vitamins which are necessary to your body especially PABA. You should take lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in your food which are rich in PABA amino acids.

These are the natural ways of curing your skin discoloration problem.


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