Nail Psoriasis Symptoms

In case you are interested in the nail psoriasis symptoms, you should know that the affected people also show skin symptoms. If there are no symptoms of the skin, it might be difficult for your doctor to diagnose the problem.

Nail discoloration as one of the symptoms of nail psoriasis

It is common to notice clear red-yellow discoloration of the nail that looks something like a drop of blood under the nail.

This symptom is also known as a salmon patch or oil drop and it is a clear indication of psoriasis.

Nail Psoriasis


Another one of the nail psoriasis signs is having small pits in your nail. This one of the symptoms appears when cells are lost from the surface of the nail.


When looking for the nail psoriasis symptoms, it is good to know that it is possible to notice lines from side to side on the nails. The medical term for the lines is Beau lines and they don’t really appear root to tip.

White areas

If you take a look at your nail plate, it is possible that you will see one of the signs of nail psoriasis in the shape of white spots. These are known as midmatrix disease or leukonichya.

Thickening of the skin

As one of the nail psoriasis symptoms, you could notice the thickening of the skin under the nail. Your doctor might tell you that it is hyperkeratosis and you should know that it might lead to the loosening of the nail.

Nail loosening

In medical terms, this one of the nail psoriasis warning signs is known as nail hyponichyum or the oncycholisis of the nail. It is possible that the nail will have a white area where it has separated from thenail bed. Usually the problem starts at the tip of the nail and it extends towards the root of the nail. In this case, it is possible for the nail bed to become infected.

Black lines

If you notice black lines on the nails, you should know that these are called splinter hemorrhages. The symptom appears when the capillaries of the tip of the fingers rupture and bleed between the nail and the nail bed.

Crumbling nails

This one of the nail psoriasis symptoms appears because the underlying structures of the nail aren’t healthy and thus the nail weakens. If you see these symptoms, you should talk to your doctor.

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