New Laser to Detect Skin Cancer Early

If there is one body organ that has to bear the brunt of environmental pollutants and toxins and damage from sun exposure, it would have to be the skin. It is small wonder then that the malaise of skin cancers is a rising one in the world. A small new laser device to detect skin cancer early however, could hold out home for many.

This new laser will be able to detect and diagnose lesions relating to melanoma much earlier than conventional screening procedures and more easily as well.

skin cancer

The laser can tell apart cancerous tissue and healthy skin, without having to go under the excision and biopsy that is currently required to obtain a diagnosis.

Current screening for skin cancer can mean unnecessarysurgical procedures, which may not even be wholly conclusive in the end.

Dr. Vijay Trisal, assistant professor of surgical oncology at the City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, California has lauded the recent development saying that biopsies are not always able to offer clearresults.

Further when a hundred biopsies are performed, one case of malignancy may be detected, which suggests that the other 99 were needlessly performed. So the new laser may not only result in early detection but may also reduce numbers of needless biopsies.


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