5 Effective and Natural Ways to Treat Pimples

4 out of 10 people can be suffering from pimples and this is more predominant amongst teenagers, adolescents, and people with oily skin. Pimples can be thus called a normal skin condition that many people faces and they are just inflammation of the skin, when the sebaceous glands (oil glands) get infected with bacteria, and then swell up to get filled up with pus. Well, they cannot get cleared off overnight but there are surely some natural remedies that subside the pimple fast and without any adverse effects.

There are many medicines and expensive treatments for acne and pimples but most of them are loaded with harsh chemicals and ingredients – thus its far better to go natural and have a clear skin. Here are the best 5 natural ways to treat pimples –

natural ways to treat pimplesIce Compression

Using ice press on the pimples can reduce the inflammation and sooth the redness and itching. In fact, dermatologists also prescribe this method to people who have large pores to restrict pimple growth. The coldness in ice constricts the blood vessels beneath the skin and makes the inflammation less noticeable.

Tea Tree Oil

This herbal solution has potent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties thus making it one of the fastest remedies for pimples. Many skin products contain tea tree oil that is particularly for oily and sensitive skin people. A combination of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide is even more effective in fighting acne and reducing lesions.

Egg Yolk Oil

Egg yolk oil has immunoglobulins that kills bacteria and can reduce the outburst of pimples. The Omega-3 fatty acids naturally aid in healing the pimples and also fade the scars. Massage this oil on your pimples twice a day, massage it gently for 2-3 minutes and let it dry on the pimple – wash off with a gentle face wash. Continue this process until all the pimple are gone; leaving it half way can cause the acne eruptions again.

Baked Potato

Applying raw potato on skin is another fast and effective remedy for pimples. Slice the potato into half and apply gently on the skin so that the juice gets in contact with the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of potato heal pimples really fast!

Honey Mask

Raw honey is always good for your skin – it’s a natural moisturiser. If you have an acne prone skin take a teaspoon of raw honey and apply directly on the face; for smooth solution you can apply few drops of water or green tea. Leave this for about 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Don’t rub your skin but pat it dry. Apply a gentle moisturiser.

There are many more natural remedies that can treat pimples effectively apart from the ones mentioned above. You can apply potassium alum as it’s a natural astringent and shrinks the tissues. Furthermore, proper diet and regular exercise keeps your skin healthy and improves blood circulation that definitely helps to ward off the trouble of pimples. Do not use too much of moisturiser during winters and even use it sparingly during summers. Proper skin cleansing regime is also important to prevent pimples.


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