Why It Is Just A Bad Idea To Pop Pimples?

skincareOne of the down sides to being a teenager are pimples and although a good cleansing regime will make a big difference often it has to be seen as a phase that passes eventually.

It is the build up of oil and bacteria, formed around the epidermis that creates pimples and the worse possible thing anyone can do is to pop them.

Not only will more dirt unwittingly be transferred to the problem areas but also the infection could spread causing even more pimples. The worst scenario is a major skin infection and other irritations.

The long term results of constantly popping pimples, is a scarred skin for which there are no solutions. Some adults have very disfigured complexions dating back to teenage pimples and the constant picking at the skin.

It is very difficult for youngsters to resist popping their pimples and maybe knowing the resulting horrors might just help discourage them. Instead of using fingers, the best approach is cleaning them with one of the numerous brands on the market.

All designed specifically for problem of young oily skin and most contain quite a strong astringent.

Puberty is the time of hormonal changes in the body and it is the increase of testosterone levels in boys that makes them more susceptible to acne. In girls, more estrogen can actually prevent pimples although many still get them.

Teenage sebaceous glands are very active and the oily substance, called sebum, is produced very liberally. This then blocks the base of the hairs on the body causing pimples to be formed.


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