Protect Your Children From Atopic Eczema!

Atopic eczema is the most common form of skin inflammation which mainly affects children. Eczema is of two types, contact eczema and atopic eczema.

Contact eczema is more often in adults than in children, which is mainly caused due to contact of your skin to certain type of irritants to which your skin is sensitive.

Most of the children would grow with atopic eczema.

Can your child get affected with this inflammation?

In most of the cases, children under the age of five can get this inflammation. Mostly, one in six school children are affected with this type of eczema. It is very unusual to develop atopic eczema after 20 years of age.Atopic eczema

However, in some rare cases, the flare ups of this inflammation disappears in their mid teenage. It is impossible to predict whether your child got affected with atopic eczema or not.

How can you recognize the allergy?

If the inflammation is mild or moderate, then it can be recognized with one or two mild patches on the skin. These patches mostly appear behind the knees or it can be seen in front of elbow.

The skin of your child can become dry due to atopic eczema. The inflamed parts on the skin can be itchier and if you scratch a lot, then the skin becomes red and patchy in that particular area.

The severe form of atopic eczema can cause a great distress with more flare-ups that can last for several weeks and the inflammation covers many areas on the skin.

Atopic eczema can cause irritation and itchiness to the skin of your child and results in flaky and patchy skin.

This type of eczema can frequently appear between creases and particularly behind the knees and elbows of your children. In babies, the face is mostly affected with this type of inflammation.

Tips to prevent atopic eczema:

Most of the children with atopic eczema can have flare ups from time to time without no evident reason. These inflammations can worsen by some irritants. So, try to protect your children from these inflammations by just following these simple safety measures.

  • Try to avoid the irritants which are responsible for the allergy.
  • Daily use of moisturizers also keeps skin of your child away from inflammations.
  • If you identify that your child is suffering with eczema, seek medical advice and use proper ointments and medications for treating atopic eczema.
  • Try to avoid using soaps, detergents and bubble baths while you wash the skin of your child.
  • Always use cotton fabrics for clothing and avoid certain irritant fabrics like wool.

These are certain tips which you can follow easily to care your child and protect them from different types of skin inflammations.


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