Effective And Simple Psoriasis Remedies

People take care of their skin more than anything that’s why skin blemishes like psoriasis can already cause them to panic.

Who wouldn’t be when you find this common skin disease wherein skin cells undergo rapid reproduction, causing patches of red, dry, and thickened skin in your knees, scalp, and elbows? They are hideous skin problems that you have to be treated immediately with effective psoriasis remedies.

psoriasis-remediesPsoriasis can occur in mild cases while other cases are more severe, and sometimes the entire body is covered in thick, red, and scaly skin.

It is a long-term and non curable condition, but psoriasis remedies are available to help patients deal with it. It may occur once in a while and also have remission.

Psoriasis remedies also mean making lifestyle changes to make living with the disease better. Psoriasis remedies include:

  • Proper hygiene

Daily baths help to remove the scales, especially when adding colloidal oatmeal, oil, or Epsom salts to the water. Stay away from hot water and harsh soaps which can only worsen the condition.

  • Moisturizers

Moisturizing is an important aspect of psoriasis remedies. Ointment based moisturizers specifically designed for psoriasis also helps. For those that have extremely dry skin, oil is a better alternative to moisturizing lotions to calm the irritated skin and reduce the scaly skin patches.

If you are going to a place with cold, dry weather, constant application of moisturizers is also essential.

  • Laser and injections

Severe cases require more extreme psoriasis remedies, such as light treatments or injections. However, with these types of remedies there are also complications and risks involved, so you should talk to your doctor first.

  • Creams and ointments

Over the counter cream or ointment are great and effective psoriasis remedies for reducing the pain and itching. Those that contain hydrocortisone or salicylic acid are especially useful for psoriasis remedies.

  • Sun protection

Controlled exposure to sunlight can also be helpful psoriasis remedy. Be sure not to expose your skin to too much sunlight as this can cause outbreaks and add to your risk of skin cancer.

Every time you have sun exposure or go out of your house, it’s best to put protective sun block with at least SPF 15. Pay extra attention to protecting your ears, hands, and face by putting the proper protection and even clothing on.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera extract is well-known for its many benefits for the hair and skin. It also makes great psoriasis remedy and can be applied directly to the infected area to reduce swelling, redness, scaling, and inflammation.

Apply this to the skin several times a day, and although results may take longer aloe vera is a good alternative medication.

  • Fish

Consuming fish is also good as it contains fish oil and omega 3 acids which are useful to healthy skin. You can also choose to take omega 3 supplements as this is useful in reducing inflammation.

  • Good lifestyle

Those diagnosed with psoriasis should also refrain from drinking alcohol as the consumption can lead to decreased efficiency of psoriasis remedies.


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