Cover your Rosacea with 6 Smart Makeup Tips

Rosacea is a chronic disorder of the skin which mainly affects the face and makes it appear red. There is also small sized pus filled bumps on the skin during this condition. Large number of people across the globe and especially in America suffers from this disorder where certain blood vessels are enlarged and makes the cheeks; nose and other area of the face appear flushed.

If Rosacea is not treated properly the condition can even get worsen.  The treatment and medication of the disorder takes time but if you need to conceal your marks for some function, meetings or any other occasion then few smart makeup tricks will surely be of great help. Below give are the effective makeup tips to cover your Rosacea:

cover your Rosacea with makeup tips

Moisturize your Skin

The first and the most important thing is to keep your skin moisturized. Before applying any makeup or base, use a moisturizer depending on your skin type. If you have an oily skin, use an oil free moisturizer while if your skin is dry use a product that provides good moisturizing.

Use a Primer

Another important thing is to use a good quality primer on your face so that your makeup stays for long hours and also prevents the direct contact of other cosmetic products with your skin and thus prevent further irritation of the skin.

Use a Tinted Concealer

In order to counteract the tones of red in your skin due to Rosacea, use a green or a yellow concealer. Apply the concealer on the area you want coverage with a good quality brush.

Use Good Quality Foundation

In order to complete the look, apply a good quality foundation after the concealer. It is always better to use gel based or a cream based products (foundation, blush and concealers) as they have good moisturizing content and even settles better on the skin. Moreover the powder based products also contains coarse particles which may lead to skin irritation and thus gel and cream based are better.

Use Right Kind of Makeup Tools

In order to apply various products properly, it is very important to use the right kind of makeup tools. With Rosacea, it is always better to use brushes instead of sponges as the formers are easy to clear and apply.

Be Easy on Eye Products

There are many people who experience the symptoms of Rosacea in their eyes like itchiness, sensation and redness and thus it is important to use the right eye products. You should avoid using liquid liners as their can easily get into eyes and thus cause irritation and redness. Moreover waterproof mascara should also be avoided as they need hard makeup removers which may cause irritation and itchiness.

While following the above given tips always make sure to use good quality products which are gentle and mild on your skin and does not cause any further irritation or redness. Select the products depending upon your skin type.


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