Natural Remedy for Rosacea Treatment

In case you are looking for natural remedy for rosacea treatment you should know that rosacea is a chronic skin condition that results in flushing or redness of the skin because the blood vessels under the skin get enlarged. The condition can also be accompanied by pimples.


Healthy Diet

Make sure that you don’t have foods that come with trans-fats, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or allergens, like dairy, corn, gluten, or peanuts. Add to your diet whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, and almonds. Fruits like prunes, grapes, pomegranates, blackberries, and blueberries are also good for you.

Camphor Oil

This one of the natural cures for rosacea works because camphor has analgesic, soothing and antimicrobial properties. Although it may look like this is the magic cure for your problem, you should be very careful when using it because it can also irritate the skin.


Prepare some chamomile tea and place it in the fridge. It is best to apply cold compresses of chamomile tea. For this, dip a cotton ball into the tea and apply it on the affected skin until you get some relief.


Feverfew also works because of the anti-inflammatory properties that it has. The extracts of feverfew contain a skin sensitizer. It is important to remember not to use the herb if you are nursing or if you are pregnant.


The women looking for the natural remedy for rosacea treatment should think about lavender. They just have to wash their face and pat it dry. It is good to start with a small amount and check for allergic reactions. If there are no reactions, lavender oil should be applied on the skin with a cotton ball.

Green Tea

It is known regarding the rosacea natural treatment and remedy that green tea has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, photoprotective and antioxidant properties. If you use green tea extract you can improve the appearance of the skin and most probably the eruptions will become less frequent.

If you aren’t happy with the natural remedy for rosacea treatment there are some medication as well that you can use, but these products come with artificial chemicals that could do more harm than good.


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