Learn about the Signs and Symptoms of Scabies

The human itch mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis is responsible for scabies, which is nothing but a skin infestation which is caused when this microscopic scabies mite enters into the upper layer of your skin and dwells there. Furthermore, it lays eggs in the skin layer and spreads it across.

Intense itching and pimple like skin rashes across extensive body parts is the first symptoms of scabies. However, there are many more to this and these mites can thrive in a human host body for maximum 36 hours; within this time it can get transmitted to each and every individual that comes in person-to-person contact.

Of course if you have a sensitive skin, you are more likely to get the infestation – shaking hands, sharing personal items, sexual physical contact and even staying close by increases the chances of scabies transmission. You can treat scabies by applying insecticide lotions at the primary stage; if it has aggravated then immediately consult a physician.

signs and symptoms of scabiesWhat Leads to the Symptoms of Scabies?

The scabies symptoms mainly show up due to reaction of your immune system to the mites, or their associated particulars like their saliva, eggs or even their faeces. Your body reacts to the mites with allergic nature leading to rash and excessive itching. Around 12 mites can infest a normal human being and it’s as common as 1 person getting affected in 1,000 people in UK and around.

During winters, the symptoms of scabies are more prominent, especially amongst women and children living in poor, overcrowded sections of society. Scabies symptoms show up after 2-6 weeks of getting infection.

Major Signs and Symptoms of Scabies


This is the first and more predominant symptom of scabies; it’s usually severe and starts at one place eventually spreading across to other areas. The itching increases at night and gets worse if you take a hot bath. Itching can occur at any place in your body, even if you have few mites there or none at all.

Mite Burrows or Tunnels

These burrows or thread like projections are visible on your skin like a dark, fine line often silvery in colour – they run for about 2-10 mm long and most commonly seen in between the fingers on your loose skin. These are often called the web spaces of the fingers; they also appear on the hands and inner surface of the wrists. It can basically be seen in any part of your body surface and appears only after the rash and itching gets severe.


Soon after you experience itching, the rashes will start appearing – these are lumpy red patches, blotchy, and looks like a spider’s web from distance. It can appear anywhere on your body and the most likely areas are armpits, tummy, thighs, nipples and buttocks. The rashes need to be diagnosed as many more skin disorders have similar rashes but are not scabies.


When the itching starts, it is very normal that scratching will follow thereafter. Severe scratching can cause minor skin damage and these damaged areas give an opening to other germs and bacteria leading to infections. However, this is a secondary symptom of scabies as the infected skin will give a red, inflamed, and tender look.

Pre-Existing Skin Conditions Worsens

If you are already suffering from any skin ailment, scabies can worsen the situation as it will eventually spread all across your body. Itchy skin troubles like eczema, and psoriasis also makes difficult for scabies to diagnose as the symptoms get overlapped and mingled.

Scabies Symptoms in Children

Children are likely to get scabies more easily than adults, especially in schools and play areas. Scabies rash develop all over the body in children and the itching is worse. The mites can develop on a child’s soles, palms, soles, and scalp. Infants can also develop scabies, especially on palms and soles. Children get irritable, cranky and disturbed. Eating and sleeping gets difficult – immediate medical attention is recommended for scabies in children or else it can lead to more complications.


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