How Do You Get Shingles in the Eye?

If you are asking how do you get shingles in the eye you should know that shingles is caused by the varicella zoster virus.

This virus causes chicken pox. Once you have this infection, the virus will become inactive, but it will remain in the nerve roots along the spinal cord.

How Do You Get Shingles in the EyeInformation about the causes of shingles in the eye

The virus can travel along the affected nerve, causing an inflammation. As a result you will experience a burning or itching sensation and you will also have a rash. In case the virus travels to the nerve of the eye, you could have ophthalmic shingles or shingles of the eye.

Shingles in the eye causes

You can develop this condition only in case you had chicken pox before. Chickenpox is considered to be a childhood disease since the majority of people are affected by it during their early years. As it has been mentioned before, after the signs of the infection disappear, the virus still remains in the body.

In case you are interested in how do you get shingles in the eye, it is good to know that the virus will be in a dormant state. The high levels of stress can make the dormant virus escape. The reactivation is more likely in case of the people who have a weakened immune system.

The origins of shingles in the eye appear in the moment when the virus gets reactivated and it causes an inflammation along the nerve that it affects. You could get shingles in the eye if dormant virus can be found in the nerves leading to the eye or in the sensory nerve of the face.


In this case, when you are asking how do you get shingles in the eye you have to be prepared to experience pain, itching and a burning sensation in the eye, forehead, cheek or nose. Because the optic nerve is affected, most probably you will have problems with your eyesight.

About 10%-20% of all the people who experience the infection in other areas will have the eye shingle as well. The truth is that the people who are over 50 are more likely to develop shingles in the eyes. Naturally younger people can also be affected.

Now you know the answer to the question how do you get shingles in the eye and you know that if you have chicken pox, there is nothing to do to avoid having shingles.


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