More About Symptoms of Shingles in Women

Before thinking about the symptoms of shingles in women you should know that this is a painful condition that involves the appearance of blisters on the skin.

It is also called herpes zoster and it is caused by the herpes-zoster virus that also leads to chicken pox.


One of the first symptoms that women usually notice is tingling or burning pain on one side. The severity of this symptom varies from one case to the other, but it is a symptom that you simply cannot miss. This is the symptom that makes women look for treatment options.

Shingles in Women


When experiencing the signs of shingles in women most probably you will also notice red patches or rashes on the skin. Later blisters will also appear and they can create small ulcers. The rash usually starts at the spine and then spreads through the sides towards the stomach.


The sad truth is that the symptoms of shingles in women also affect your face. In fact the problem affects the nerves in the face that in turn cause pain, muscle weakness and rash. This is why it isn’t a condition that you can hide from other people.


If all this wasn’t enough regarding the symptoms of women’s shingles, they also affect your eyes, which can lead to vision problems, loss of motion in the eyes and dropping eyelids. Because of this there are some things that you shouldn’t do when you have this problem, such as driving.

Other symptoms

There are some other symptoms of shingles in women as well that women can experience. These include chills, fever, hearing problems, headache, problems with the sense of taste, genital lesions, and swollen lymph nodes.

General feeling of being unwell

This isn’t one of the most definite signs of women’s shingles, but this is the symptom that the majority of the women experience. It’s not something that you could really describe, but it is a sign that you will most definitely recognize. It is also common for women to experience nausea and fatigue.

It is important not to ignore the symptoms of shingles in women. The sooner you start to treat the problem, the less discomfort you will experience. If you see the first symptoms, you should start immediately to look for some treatment options. This way you will be able to get rid of the problem fast.


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