What Does Shingles Look Like on the Face?

If you are wondering what does shingles look like on the face you should know that the other name of the problem is herpes zoster and it appears as a result of varicella zoster virus.

This is the virus which causes chicken pox during childhood. After you have chicken pox, this virus stays in the body.

Look of shingles on the face

After the virus gets into a dormant state, it usually doesn’t cause any problems. Nonetheless an infection can occur at later stages, and this is when shingles appears. Keep in mind that herpes zoster isn’t the same as genital herpes, which is an STD.

Shingles in Women

What does shingles look like on the face?

In the majority of the cases shingles start on one side of the body or the face. At the beginning a rash appears that causes blisters which scab after the first 3-5 days. You will have to wait about 2-4 weeks for the rash to disappear.

In case you are interested in the shingles’ look on the face you should know that before the rash appears people usually experience itching, pain or tingling in the affected area, marking the site of the rash. Some other symptoms include headaches, fever, chills, and having an upset stomach.

Long term effects

When it comes to the shingles’ appearance on the face it is good to know that in rare cases shinglesmight lead to serious problems, such as pneumonia, encephalitis, blindness, hearing problems, or even death. In about 20% of the cases the pain continues after the rash disappears.

As a result of the appearance of shingles on the face post-herpetic neuralgia can appear. As the years go by, it becomes more likely for people to be affected by this problem and if it appears, it tends to be more serious.

Who should think about it?

It is important to know that everybody who had chicken pox before can have shingles. Nonetheless in the majority of the cases the problem occurs in case of people who are over 50. The risks of being affected increase with age, especially if the immune system gets weakened.

Now you know the answer to the question what does shingles look like on the face and you know that it is a serious condition that you have to be careful about for your own good.


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