Symptoms of Shingles and Treatment

Regarding the symptoms of shingles and treatment, you should know that the problem arises when the virus that causes chickenpox gets reactivated. It this condition, the symptoms appear in stages.

Prodromal stage

During this stage, it is common for the affected people to experience burning, pain, tickling, tingling, and numbness around the affected area even before the outbreak. The symptoms usually appear on the chest or the back. It is possible to experience flu-like symptoms as well.

Active stage

The signs and treatment of shingles at this stage include a strip or band of rash. This can appear just anywhere on the body but only on one side. After this stage, blisters will form. At the beginning, the fluid in the blisters will be clear but it becomes cloudy after a few days. In some cases people have a rash as well.

You should be prepared to experience some pain. People say that the pain is something like having needles piercing through the skin. Sometimes the blisters break open and they ooze for about five days.

Postherpetic neuralgia

This is the most common type of complication. In this case, the symptoms include aching, stabbing pain or burning, and sensitivity to touch. The pain could last for several years.

Symptoms of shingles and treatment

The most common treatment of the problem involves the use of medication. Usually these involve pain medication and antiviral medication. If you start taking antiviral medication as soon as you notice the problem, the sores will heal faster and they will be less painful.

The people thinking about the signs and cure of shingles should remember to take care of the sores and to keep them clean. It is important to see a doctor as soon as the problem appears. If you are in pain, tell your doctor about it and most probably you will get some prescription medication or he or she will suggest an over-the-counter pain medication.

It is important to know about the symptoms of shingles and treatment especially if you know that you are at risk. Recognizing the problem in time will make life easier for you later.


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