Tanning Bed Use Prevalent in Spite of Cancer Risk

Though there is an established link between increased risk of skin cancer and tanning beds, a recent study has found that 18% of women and 6.5% of men in America still admit to using tanning beds.

tanning-bedAccording to health care professionals, it is teens that are most at risk though they think that they are not vulnerable to skin cancer. What is important to know however is that the actual damage that leads to skin cancer actually occurs before the age of 18.

In the study, people were asked about their habits relating to tanning beds use, and their awareness of the related risk to melanoma. It was found that most tanning bed users did not know about the relation of this to skin cancer.

Cancer.org has explained that those who have used an indoor tanning device are 75% more likely to develop melanoma than those who never used a tanning bed. It is clarified that there is no “safe tanning device”; so it doesn’t matter what kind of device is used, they are all dangerous.

The risks exist regardless of age, gender and the type of device used. It is frequency of use that increases the risk. Frequent users are defined as “those who use a tanning device for at least 50 hours, at least 100 sessions, or at least for 10 years” – it is these people who were 2.5 to 3 times more likely to develop melanoma than those who had never used them.


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