Find Out More About the Types of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer isn’t something that people want to be affected by. In fact they are trying their best to avoid the different types of skin cancer. The sad truth is that there are many kinds of threats that people have to be aware of regarding this problem, and it is best to know about all of them.

Basal cell carcinoma: One of the skin cancer types

This is known to be the most common kind of them all. The cancer appears because of the chances in the lower parts of the upper layers of the skin. The growth of the cancer is relatively slow. It may take years or months for it to grow and usually it doesn’t spread to other parts of the body.

This kind of skin cancer is most common on the face, neck, head and trunk. However it is also possible for them to appear in places that are difficult to treat, such as the lower legs and the eye. Simply put, the cancer can appear just anywhere on the body. The good news is that the cancer is curable.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This is the second most frequent skin cancer kind. It usually grows a lot faster than the other types of cancer and it can also spread to other parts of the body. Usually the cancer appears as a pink and scaly lump or a growth that looks like wart. This could break down, bleed, crust or ulcerate.

In the majority of the cases this one of the types of skin cancer isn’t painful but it could be tender or it could lead to a stinging or burning sensation. Usually the cancer appears in the body parts that are exposed to a lot of sunlight like the ears, face, scalp, back of the hands and lips.

The truth about this one of the types of skin cancer is that the people who had an organ transplant or who have their immune system suppressed are more likely to develop it. In case of the transplant patients the cancer grows faster and it also metastasizes faster.

Malignant melanoma

This is the least common type of skin cancer. However it is more dangerous than the ones mentioned before.   Just as in the previous cases, they can appear in the body parts exposed to sun, but also on skin that is usually covered but that suffered sunburn in the past.

It is possible for this one of the different types of skin cancer to spread through the body and to be fatal.The cancer could develop from an existing mole or they could form a new mole that has a brown, black or red color. The mole can change its color and size.

Other skin cancer variations

There are some other rare forms of cancer as well that could originate from the oil or sweat glands.

As you can see the types of skin cancer are quite dangerous so you should keep an eye out for them.


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