Useful Information On Eczema Treatment!

Eczema TreatmentIf you are suffering from eczema and you are on a look out for eczema treatment options then here’s something in short for you.

You can get relevant information on eczema treatment in just few seconds of reading. Then what are you waiting for start your reading now!

Don’t Dare To Scratch!

Yes this is the first step that is recommended by all the doctors who are treating their eczema patients.

You will be suggested to keep your skin moist out of dryness by applying lotions and creams. This application should be done immediately after you bathe, within few minutes.

This is because bathing looses moisture and application of lotions, creams will lock the moisture of the skin. Also cold compresses applied directly to itchy skin can also help relieve itching.

If the condition persists, worsens, or does not improve satisfactorily, another effective eczema treatment to reduce inflammation is the application of nonprescription corticosteroid creams and ointments.

Eczema Treatment with Corticosteroid Creams and Ointments

There are alternatives to nonprescription corticosteroids which include more potent prescription corticosteroid creams and ointments. These are definitely effective, but may have some side effects. To prevent side effects such as skin thinning, your doctor may limit the length of treatment time and locations where you can apply treatment.

Eczema prone skin may also be frequently infected. If this happens, to kill the bacteria causing the infection, your doctor may prescribe topical or oral antibiotics. For severe itching, sedative antihistamines are sometimes used to reduce the itch and are available in both prescription and over-the-counter varieties.

Because drowsiness is a common side effect of these prescriptions, they are suggested to be consumed during the evening or night to give the patient suffering from eczema a good night sleep. So it is very obvious that people under this type of eczema treatment should not drive.

Tar Treatments and Phototherapy

The next alternative treatments for eczema are the Tar treatments and phototherapy which can have positive effects; however, tar can be messy. Phototherapy requires special equipment (lights).

Drug Cyclosporine

Last hope of treating eczema is the drug cyclosporine A. In cases where eczema is resistant to therapy, your physician may prescribe this drug, which modifies immune response; however, this is used only in extreme cases because of its association with serious side effects.

By avoiding things that are known to trigger your child’s eczema you will help prevent flare-ups. These may include certain foods (cow’s milk, eggs, peanut butter, fish), wool fibers and clothes, rough or tight fitting clothing, dry air, sweating, getting too hot or too cold (avoid hot or cold water), harsh soaps or chemicals, and stress.

Your Child Can Swim! Yes, swimming is allowed, but condition is you should immediately shower or bathe to wash off chlorine and other chemicals and apply a moisturizer to help prevent your child’s skin from drying out. Remember moisturizing is a must and should never ever forget or neglect. So happy swimming kid!


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