How Human Papilloma Virus Warts Spread?

wartsOne of the most visible side effects of the STD, known as HPV or human papilloma virus is warts.

Although they are non-cancerous warts they are a sign of infection and thus can spread quickly and be unpleasant to your appearance.

There are several different ways that warts can be spread to you and many different ways that you can get HPV which include direct contact with the wart of someone with HPV, direct contact with someone who does not show any symptoms but carries HPV, unprotected sexual activity, and by touching an object that has been used or also touched by someone with HPV.

The reason why there are so many ways to get the HPV virus and the warts that follow is because HPV is highly contagious and spreads easily which is why it is important to identify if you have it so that you can not only treat symptoms but control spreading it yourself.

In fact, children often carry the virus because they come in contact with a parent and then in turn participate in a contact sport such as football or soccer and pass it to their teammates without realizing what is happening.

One of the reasons that this can easily happen is because not everyone who has HPV shows signs of growth, thus they pass it along without actually developing the tell tale warts themselves.

It is possible to carry the HPV virus and never show any signs, but throughout this time period you can still pass it along to other people who will show visible signs of the HPV virus and begin to develop warts.

The HPV virus is so easy to spread that you may simply touch the shoes or towels of someone who has the virus and grow warts as a result of the contact.

There are different strains of the HPV virus that may cause genital warts in particular which are passed during unprotected sexual activity between two partners when one carries or shows visible signs of the disease.

HPV can be found in many places outside of just the sexual area as the virus can live for up to several years outside of the body.

However, they are the most powerful when left untreated in the body because they multiply at a very fast rate and are much more active.

They also sometimes grow when left behind in moist areas such as swimming pool locker rooms, bathrooms, and public showers. This is why it is important to always wear some type of shoe covering when in public areas.


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