What Are Warts and How Should You Treat Them?

Warts are certain skin growths that can be rough and appear like solid blisters and many other types. There are about 10 types of warts ranging from the common wart which is raised with a rough surface, to a filiform or digitate wart which is thread or finger like. Additionally there are genital warts, flat warts, mosaic warts, periungual and plantar warts.

Warts are most often harmless and do not cause discomfort, though some types of warts such asplantar warts can be hard and at time painful. For the most part they can be annoying or irritating and you can consider simply ignoring the warts because they are not harmful or bad for health.

wartsThe main problem with warts is the fact that they are disfiguring and repulsive to look at particularly when they are located in areas such as near the eyes, lips and elsewhere on the face.

Also warts are unpredictable – they may disappear without medication and then reappear after a time. Another problem can be that some warts respond to treatmentwhile others of the same type may not.

Treatment may be required for a long time before the warts go away, and it may be months before they are removed.

Genital warts prevention

Since an overwhelming majority (90%) of genital warts is caused by the HPV (human Papilloma virus) viral infection, it may be possible to prevent these warts from occurring in the first place by getting a Gardasil vaccine. This vaccine is also known as the cervical cancer vaccine and is known to prevent HPV infection and consequently certain cancers as well as genital warts.

Treatment for warts

For other types of warts over the counter treatments that contain salicylic acid are effective for removal. Warts are often composed of the protein known as keratin, and products containing salicylic acid act as keratolytic medication to help dissolve the material that makes up the warts. This medication may be in the form of topical salves, gels, pads, tapes and so on.

Duct tape is a home remedy for warts that works by simply by suffocating the unwanted growth. Any non-breathable material is useful for this type of home wart removal.

There are also available certain products that claim to “freeze off” warts using cryotherapy. They come in the form of aerosol sprays designed for home use, or the same procedure can be done in a clinical setting using liquid nitrogen as well.


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