Are Blackheads Your Problem?

Many people have many questions regarding these blackheads like what actually are these blackheads, how these are formed, what may be the actual cause of them and most importantly what can be done to prevent them. So get ready for the answers and the research.

Blackheads are a major problem for many of us. They just don’t leave us! How on earth can any one get off them? Yes this stands a million dollar question for all.

Blackheads removing have given many companies a chance for a good business by producing many such products which promise to do their best in removing them. Let’s find out the root cause of blackheads and methods to prevent them.blackheads

The outcome of excessive oil and make up on your skin is black head. The pore gets clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, a yellowish or blackish plug of material accumulates to form a blackhead. While the contents inside may look dark, it is not dirt; the substance found in these blackheads mostly consists of keratin and modified sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous gland)

Blackheads may be caused by these reasons:

  • Excess scrubbing of the skin (Scrubs)
  • Use of products/makeup (foundations, sunscreens, and moisturizers) that may contain too much oil
  • Use of low quality facial cleansing products
  • Excess dead cells blocking the opening to the pore
  • Excess production of facial oil
  • Improper cleansing routine, facial oil not being removed
  • Another reason for blackheads to occur would be due to blotchiness.

Before you expose yourself to the rays of the sun use a sunscreen over the face and body. Don’t mistake that on a cloudy day you are automatically protected from those powerful UV radiations. Sunburns can damage your skin to a greater extent.

Keep in mind that even on cloudy days the sun rays can damage your skin equally as on any other days. Wear sunglasses with UV protection and make sure your sunscreens stay long on your skin meaning use long lasting, effective sun screens. Best tip is that as far as possible make it a habit to drink warm water mixed with lemon juice to avoid the occurrences of blackheads.

Don’t trouble your skin by exfoliating it too much especially when it is sun-burnt and in the red, sore, tender stage. Be patient and wait until all redness disappears before you start your exfoliation process. If you are under treatment for acne or sun damage, find out if exfoliation is required or not [Acne treatment]. Keep in mind that skin of this sort is susceptible for blemishes, of all kinds.

Be Careful! Use all possible ways to prevent them from happening reason being they are extremely difficult to get rid of, especially when they develop, in the warmest of places in your body like the inner thighs which are a breeding ground for both black as well as whiteheads. Sweating is the main cause for them to happen in these areas. So prevention is the better cure, from now on concentrate on the above mentioned causes to avoid them. Take Care!


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