Are You Suffering With Itchy, Swollen Rashes On Your Skin? Know More About Skin Lesions!

Did you observe any redness on a particular area which is changing the texture of your skin?

Then it can be surely a skin lesion which is mainly caused due to psoriasis.

Psoriasis is an inflammation in your immune system in which scalp, skin and also finger nails are infected.

What are these red swollen rashes?

Skin lesions are mainly identified with a superficial growth or patches on the skin which does not resemble like the area which is surrounding the patch.Skin Lesions

Most of the skin lesions include warts, moles and cysts. Almost all of the skin lesions are benign and it is very painful to remove these benign skin lesions.

Skin lesions can be the results of a wide range of conditions and diseases. It is a condition or tendency of developing moles, cysts, and also freckles on your skin. Bacterial, fungal or other germs and parasites can cause these type of skin lesions.

Some of the skin infections which can cause skin lesions include acne, warts, and athlete’s foot. In some cases, scabies can also cause skin lesions.

Certain allergic reactions and a person’s sensitivity to particular substances like food, dust or any other things which can trigger allergic conditions in your body can result in skin lesion.

Know the type of skin lesion!

Skin lesions are usually categorized into two different categories: primary lesion and secondary lesion. Primary skin lesions normally vary with color or texture which you have from your birth like moles or birth marks.

These types of lesions can also occur during your life time like acne, certain allergic reactions and also psoriasis. Secondary skin lesions are the changes which you can see on your skin due to primary lesions.

Primary lesions are categorized into certain different types, some of them include:

Macule: It is a small circular flat spot whose width is normally less than one fourth of an inch. The color of a macule is specifically red, brown or white and different from your normal skin texture.

Vesicle: These raised lesions are mainly caused due to chemical irritation, insect bites or it can also be caused due to sun burns [Natural Sunburn Treatments] and viral infections. These vesicles can be identified with a raised lesion on the skin which is filled with clear fluid across.

Pustule: This is a raised lesion on the skin which is filled with pus, caused by certain infections like boils or impetigo.

Apart from these lesions, certain other major types include nodule, wheal, papule and telangiectasia.

Certain secondary skin lesions include:

Ulcer: Ulcer is a skin lesion which not only erodes the upper surface of the skin but also damages the layers which are present beneath the surface of the skin. These ulcers are usually caused due to bacterial infections and also due to certain long lasting skin problems like scleroderma.

Scale: This disease is mainly caused due to psoriasis and certain fungal infection. Scales are dry swelling of dead cells which often deteriorates the surface of the skin.

Certain other types of secondary skin lesions apart from these are crust, scar, atrophy and excoriation.

It is always important to know from which type of skin lesions you are suffering and also to take proper treatment for attaining good, glowing and healthy skin.


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