Figuring Out Your Baby Skin Rash

There are plenty of different types of rashes that can form on babies these days, and some of them will cause the parents to become quite alarmed. When you notice a baby skin rash on your child, make sure to get it checked out just in case it is something serious. It will hopefully be nothing to be scared of, but you can never be too careful when you are talking about your kid.

Cradle cap is a type of baby skin rash where you will see what looks like pimples on top of a baby’s head, combined with yellow flakes that seem to come right off. You may also see this type of rash on other parts of the baby’s head, but most of the damage will be found on the scalp.

Baby skin rash

This type of rash will usually go away after the sixth month of the baby’s life, and it is not something that you will have to worry about for very long.

The reason for this rash, according to mostdermatologists, is the transfer of highly active hormones from the mother to the child during the weeks before the child is born.

This leads to too much activity going on within the skin of the baby.

The end result is that the baby will start producing more skin cells than it needs, which means the old ones will be knocked out before they have been around very long.

What to do with this type of baby skin rash

If your child has come down with the baby skin rash on top of their head, there are a few courses of action you can take. First, you should get the rash checked out by a doctor to make sure that it is nothing more serious. Secondly, you need to realize that you actually have nothing to worry about as most doctors recommend doing nothing to the child’s head.

Some people prefer to do nothing about the rash on the child’s scalp, but others prefer to get rid of it as soon as possible. Although it won’t cause any real problems for the child, it will still cause obvious discomfort and red, raw rashes on the top of the baby’s head. The best treatment for this kind of rash is to apply a solid amount of baby oil to the affected regions about a half an hour before you give the child a bath.

The heat rash can be quite a problem

Another type of baby skin rash that has been known to cause some trouble is known as a heat rash. This type of rash can be identified when you see small blisters on the body of the baby that are filled with sweat. This problem occurs when the baby is producing too much sweat and the pores are becoming blocked.

The reason babies seem to get this rash more than any other age group is because their sweat glandsmay not be fully developed at their young age. To treat this type of rash, you can use simple rash treatments found in your home, such as calamine lotion.


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