How To Get Rid Of Blackheads The Easy Way?

Blackheads can be a nuisance, especially in its severe forms.

Oftentimes they are not as obvious and can appear very small, but they hide deep down in clogged pores, making skin appear patchy with enlarged pores.

Blackheads affect persons of all ages, although fortunately getting rid of blackheads is very easy.

So if how to get rid of blackheads is your dilemma, here are some things you can do that will greatly help:

  1. When showering or washing your face, turn up the heat as much as you can stand and leave it running on your face for about five to ten minutes. This will help in your problem to get rid of blackheads because the steam and heat will open up your pores and loosen the blackheads. After you shower you can also remove them individually by means of a metal extractor which will help further to get rid of blackheads.
  2. There are also some lifestyle changes you will have to make, which will help you solve your problem to get rid of blackheads. This includes eating less fatty and oily foods, as blackheads are an accumulation of oil as well as dirt. Another way to get rid of blackheads is by changing your pillow case as often as possible; this is due to the fact that oil can accumulate on your pillow.
  3. Exfoliating once a week will help in getting rid of blackheads. Exfoliating scrubs are inexpensive and are effective in producing radiant skin with minimized pores because they clean deep-seated dirt as well as blackheads.
  4. Wash your face twice daily, especially if you have oily skin. It’s also essential to wash your face before you go to bed at night, as well as tone and moisturize. Gentle washes are recommended for daily washing, because strong soaps can dry out your skin. Regular washing will help unclog your pores and keep the dirt and bacteria out.
  5. Nose strips are a fast and effective way to get rid of blackheads. They work instantly and within just a few minutes you will be blackhead-free. Most blackhead strips are manufactured for the nose, because the sides of the nose are usual problem areas for those with blackheads. They’re also extremely easy to use; simply wet your nose and apply the adhesive side of the pore strip, leave for ten to fifteen minutes; gently remove and your blackheads are gone.
  6. Another helpful way to get rid of blackheads is to use a toner religiously. Toning once a day is effective in removing deep seated dirt that washing was unable to remove. It also helps to remove the layer of film that most soaps leave behind, which can also clog your pores.
  7. Using clean towels is a small aspect of getting rid of blackheads which most people tend to forget or take for granted. We oftentimes don’t realize how dirty our towels are when we use these to wipe our face dry after washing, and this can contribute to dirt buildup in our pores.


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