Dark Skin – Does It Need Sun Protection?

It is misguided to think that dark skin is not required to be protected from the sun. While it is true that dark skin has slightly better in built protection against the sun, this is not enough.

There is more melanin (dark pigment) produced by dark skin and owing to this there is more protection for dark skin than there is for lighter skin. It is also less likely to burn than dark skin.

However, to say that dark skin needs no sun protection or that skin cancer is not possible in people with dark skin is simply untrue.

Skin cancer is less prevalent among people with dark skin, but there is still reason to be very careful.

Research has shown that the kinds of skin cancers that people with dark skin develop (even if they are fewer in proportionate numbers) are of a more deadly type. The type of cancer that typically appears in people with dark skin is of a more aggressive nature and is more likely to result in death!

So remember, whatever your skin color or race, it is important to protect skin against sun damage both for reasons of premature aging and damage as well as in order to lower skin cancer risk.


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