Excellent Ways To Get Better Sunburn Relief!

Summertime! Searching for better sunburn relief? Here are excellent ways to get rid of those annoying sunburns.

Summertime, your skin mainly overexposes to sun reluctantly.

This over exposure of your skin to sun is the main source for many kinds of skin conditions like sunburns.

If your skin gets exposed to certain harmful rays, especially UV rays, then it is quite obvious for you to affect with sun burns.

So, don’t worry about these sun burns; there are certain sunburn remedies, which can help you significantly to get better sunburn relief.Sunburn Relief

Try topical vinegar for your sunburns!

Using plain white vinegar is the most popular way to get sunburn relief. Even though there is no scientific evidence for this folk remedy, most of the people believe that it is very helpful in relieving the pain, when it is applied on skin.

Plain white vinegar is also applied as a compress for your skin. Try to mix equal proportions of water and vinegar in a tub and soak clean towels in this solution. Now, wring these soaked towels and try to apply them on the affected areas on your skin. Always avoid contact of this solution with broken parts of your skin and also under your eye areas.

There is one more option for you to use this plain white vinegar for your sunburn relief; take a clean spray bottle and fill it with equal portions of water and vinegar and try to apply it on your affected parts of your skin.

Practice hydrotherapy!

Try short frequent baths, towel compresses and also showers, which can be helpful for you to get better sunburn relief. These methods also keeps you cool and hydrated always. The hotness of the water should be lukewarm or cool because too hot water can usually strip away your natural oils present on your skin.

If you have very mild sunburn, then try to take a cool bath or shower. You can also place a wet cool towel on the affected areas of your skin for at least 10 to 15 minutes in a day and you can repeat this procedure for several times in a day.

Use aloe vera gel for burnt skin!

Aloe vera gel has many anti-inflammatory properties and works as a better sunburn relief for your skin. It is typically used to ease your burnt skin and it is also used to heal many wounds of your skin.

You can either purchase this aloe vera gel from any drug store or it is usually found in food stores and also in many cosmetic shops. You can try certain skin care lotions which are specially made with aloe vera gel.

You can use any kind of natural or home remedies for your sunburn relief to make your skin feel much better. Always try to drink plenty of water simultaneously by practicing these natural remedies. Drinking more water can help you to keep your body and skin more hydrated.


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