Find Out How Wrinkles Can Be Prevented!

WrinklesNo matter how much busy we are, our thoughts and research will be still on how best we can prevent wrinkles.

You have to agree with me that our personality, the way we dress and the way we carry our selves definitely influences our confidence in facing the world.

We ultimately work for a better living, in this process we look into certain issues which make us give a boost to our lives, for example a perfect figure, good personality, good dressing, good hair styles, good skin, most importantly a wrinkle free, glowing radiant skin. On the whole a beautiful YOU!

As far as wrinkles are concerned they are the most annoying. In order to control or prevent them we should avoid the direct over exposure to sun. Yes, the best way to prevent sun-damaged skin and skin cancers and to reduce wrinkles in any case is to avoid episodes of excessive sun exposure, particularly during the hours of 10am to 4pm. During these peak hours the sun rays emit the powerful UV radiations which are very bad for your skin. You can use anti wrinkle cream for better results.

For this purpose the sunscreens and sunblocks, used generously to reduce wrinkles and skin aging as well as to help prevent skin cancers. They represent an important part of anti-aging skin care.

Please note that merely using these sunscreens won’t help a bit, if you have a maximum exposure to sun with these sunscreens indirectly it will make the condition worse as it could paradoxically lead to more seriously sun-damaged skin, aging the skin without the warning of sunburn. Anti aging skin creams helps for that young look.

Sunscreens should be used in combination with other sun protection measures. Any sunscreen should contain a wide spectrum of UVA-blocking ingredients. It is proved that if the same ingredients are used, inexpensive products work as well as expensive ones.

Note that waterproof formulas last for about 40 minutes in the water, whereas water-resistant formulas last half as long. Sunblocks prevent nearly all UVA and UVB rays from reaching the skin, but to be fully protective they must contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Let’s look into this SPF factor. According to the research SPF is an indexed number based on the amount of UV radiation required to turn sunscreen- or sunblock-treated skin red compared to non-treated skin.

It is highly suggested that sunscreens should not be used on babies younger than six months. For older children sunscreen of at least SPF 15 should be used. Sunscreen or sunblock used should have an SPF factor of 15 or higher for adults and for adults who rarely tan and burn easily should use SPF 30.

Apply sunscreen or sunblock liberally 15 to 30 minutes before venturing outdoors and also it should be reapplied every two hours or so even on overcast days and especially after exercise or swimming.

Wearing clothing that provides sun protection is extremely important, remember this protects even better than sunscreen. Everyone, including children, should wear hats with wide brims. Clothing with UV block facility may be chosen to wear in the sun. Clothes which are very light and closely knitted may be preferred which cover the body fully.

So when ever you go for an outdoor trip you be very cautious and careful in protecting your skin from sun and wrinkles. So Have A Happy and Safe Outing Each Time!


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