Flaky Skin Symptoms

If you are interested in the flaky skin symptoms you should know that the skin starts flaking when there isn’t enough natural oil. As this happens, the top layer of the skin will start peeling off. Usually the problem is made worse by cold weather, dry air, heated air, and low humidity.

Common symptoms of flaky skin

The most obvious symptom of the problem is noticing small pieces of skin which have a silvery color. Besides this you could also experience a burning sensation, crumbling nails, cracked skin, crusting soles, tenderness, pain, itchy skin, scaly skin, redness, swelling, warmth, and white or silver plaques.

Other signs of flaky skin to prepare for

It is possible for the symptoms of the problem to be accompanied by symptoms coming from other body parts, such as abnormal sweating, persisting diarrhea, double or blurred vision, fever, fatigue, genital sores, joint pain, infected sores and sudden and unexplained weight loss.

Serious flaky skin symptoms

In some cases the symptoms of the problem are accompanied by some other symptoms as well that indicate the serious condition and in this case your health needs to be evaluated by a healthcareprofessional. There are some symptoms that require the immediate attention of a professional.

The signs that are considered to be alarming are the ones that have been mentioned before. Besides these you may also experience stiffness in the joints and the mouth sores can get infected. It is possible that you won’t experience all the signs, but you should make sure that you keep an eye out for them.

Additional information

It is good to know about the condition that it could be a sign of different kinds of disorders such as dry skin (known as xerosis), stress, skin irritation, eczema, yeast infection, seborrheic dermatitis, HIV, fungal infection, rosacea, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, drug reactions, and allergies.

Causes of the warning signs of flaky skin

As it has been mentioned before, many of the causes of the problem are environmental like the combination of heated air and cold weather. Flaky skin can also be a result of spending much time in hot air, such as in case of hot baths.

Don’t forget about the flaky skin symptoms that the problem can also be a dermatological one, so you should see your dermatologist about it to make sure that it is correctly handled.


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