Fungal Skin Infection Symptoms

Before thinking about the fungal skin infection symptoms, you should know that some of the fungi, such as yeast, are naturally present in the body. There are also some opportunistic fungi that wait for the right moment to attack the skin. These include ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and candida.

Information about the symptom of fungal skin infection

You should know that the symptoms of the infection vary according to the cause of the infection. Nonetheless, in the majority of the cases, people notice a rash. For instance, ringworm leads to a ring-shaped, red or pink, itchy and slightly raised patch that has a clear center.

Fungal Skin

Scalp ringworm

It is good to know about the scalp ringworm that it is contagious among children and it appears in the form of itchy and scales patches of the scalp. On the other hand, the nail ringworm affects the toenails, making them look thickened and dull. The infected nail may fall apart.

Jock itch

The jock itch appears in the form of a ring-shaped rash in the groin. This is one of the infections that lead to small blisters, very itchy and also painful.

Athlete’s foot

In case you are interested in the signs of fungal skin infections, keep in mind that athlete’s foot is a scaly and itchy rash found between the toes. It is possible for the skin to be peeling, cracking and irritated. As a result of the infection, the skin might become sore and susceptible to other kinds of infections.


The people wishing to know about the fungal skin infection symptoms ought to know that this infection usually appears in the warm and moist parts of the body like the diaper areas and skin folds. The superficial infections appear in the form of flat and red rashes with sharp and scalloped edges.

What else to know about the fungal skin infection’s warning signs?

If you see small patches of rash, you should know that these are called satellite lesions. These can be itching or painful. In some cases, a fungal infection of one body part can spread to other body parts as well and this is known to be an allergic reaction to fungus.

It is important to keep an eye out for the fungal skin infection symptoms.

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