Home Solutions for Annoying Summer Whiteheads

Summer comes with many beauty perks but also with many beauty issues. Among the most pesky ones, all women …and men for that matter…dread, the whiteheads are perhaps the one for which you would be ready to try any remedy.

Home-Solutions-for-Annoying-Summer-WhiteheadsWhat are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are buildups of sebum and dead cells which appear when a pore is closed and infected because the skin comes in contact with bacteria from air and from your hands. These closed comedones  are easily becoming pimples and they tend to create an endless chain of skin issues if handled improperly.

Natural Over Chemical

Beauty shops would speedily offer you expensive treatments that are supposed to help you to get rid of the whiteheads problem. All treatments are usually based on some kind of combination between boric acid, zinc and many other chemicals, not exactly healthy for your complexion.

Because of this you should be aware that whiteheads can be removed using simple and very handy home remedies you can always depend on when the problem appears.

Tooth Paste

The old and dependable handy remedy for whiteheads hides in your bathroom cabinet. Apply a thin layer on each whitehead individually. The skin will most likely sting but the surface of the pimple will dry and you will have to clean the area thoroughly to prevent recurrence.

Facial Steaming and Manual Cleaning

When using facial steaming make sure both the water used and your hands are very clean. If you use hot compresses make sure to leave them on for more than 15 minutes, but make sure the temperature is not too high to risk a skin burn.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Make sure you use 8 parts water and only one part vinegar. The raw product can severely irritate the face. The diluted product can be easily applied with a cotton pad. Whiteheads will dry and disappear after a few days.

Antibacterial Wash and Soap Face Scrub

A home remedy for whiteheads can be a mixture of antibacterial soap and salt. The proportion should be 1/1. Spread the mixture on your face , leave in for a few minutes then gently wash it off. The skin will soften to allow you to manually remove white heads.

Milk &Lemon Scrub

This gentle scrub is the best for T-zone, nose and chin areas. Simply rub it in, let it set and gently remove by rinsing with lukewarm water.


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