How Skin Allergy Can Be Devastating Condition?

Skin AllergyAre You Allergic?

If so you need to know why you have allergy and what the reason behind your skin allergy is and what can be done to prevent it.

Yes, skin allergy is a rash which appears after contact with an allergy causing substance which is called an allergen.

This is medically termed as allergic contact dermatitis. It can be a devastating condition if left unattended.

The occurrence of skin allergy is wide because it can affect a specific area or can occur from head to toe on the entire body. It becomes problematic if skin allergy occurs on hands and fingers restricting our daily activities.

Find out what you can do to control skin allergy. Use of moisturizers twice daily will work very well in keeping your skin moist and not letting it dry too much thus restricting it from any type of itching and allergies. Moisturizing can be done more often on hands.

Find the Culprits! Yes, try to find out the culprits of your skin allergy, those which aggravate your rash and simply try to avoid them as maximum as possible.

  • Use soap free cleansers or mild soap for cleansing
  • The place were you spend most of the time must be humidified, especially in your bedroom.
  • In order to avoid finger scratching and making the situation more worse its better to wear cotton gloves before going to sleep
  • Don’t allow your hands to be constantly wet, remember to wear gloves while washing and cleaning.
  • Don’t expose your skin to very cold or hot air.
  • Never use any skin products or laundry products with added fragrances.
  • Don’t allow wool clothing or blankets against your skin.

You can identify the type of allergen you are sensitive to and what causes your skin allergy. Doctors put a small amount on a patch of skin and see whether there is a reaction using a panel of common allergens which is called patch testing.

After research it has been found that many chemicals, organic substances and metals are a reason for skin allergies. Some of them which you can and need to be away from include nickel, gold, balsam, thimerosal, fragrance mix found in foods, cosmetic products, insecticides, antiseptics, soaps, perfumes, and dental products.

Also preservatives such as Formaldehyde and Quaternium are found to be allergic. Many people are allergic to Cobalt chloride a metal found in medical products, hair dye, antiperspirant, objects plated in metal such as snaps, buttons or tools and in cobalt blue pigment. Bacitracin and neomycin sulphate topical antibiotics are also skin allergens.

So this time you want anything to buy think of all the skin allergens you are allergic to in order to prevent skin allergy from happening.


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