Is Itchy Skin Troubling You?

Is itchy skin your problem? Did you find out why such a thing is happening with you? What may be the probable cause? Is there a solution for your problem? Let’s find out.

Do you have dry skin ? If so then this may be the probable reason why you are experiencing the itching skin.

Try to provide enough moisture to your skin by using a humidifier to put moisture in the air during the winter and in dry weather. This will really help you to a certain extent.

Remember Dry Skin is always a problem if left neglected. It is more susceptible to infections.

If your skin got infected then you will definitely need antibiotics. Sometimes itching is formed by some serious medical problems which is most common in older people. In that case a doctor should be consulted immediately for further treatment.itchy skin

The first and the simplest step to try stopping itching is application of the moisturizer to the effected region. In mild cases this works wonders but if this does not work then you need another alternative.

Try using 1 percent hydrocortisone steroid skin cream for a week or so and even if this does not work then your doctor will change the dose and suggest for some anti-histamine pills.

Remember not to use the steroid creams more than 1-2 weeks. To avoid any skin disorders use the prescribed amount of these creams as over usage of this may lead to thickening of skin and other disorders. Usage of these creams on genital area should be only done on doctor prescription.

The cause of Itchy skin may be associated with many skin disorders or medical conditions. It is better to discuss your symptoms with your doctor to find the exact reason behind itchy skin. The most common type of itchy skin is due to rashes, skin inflammation and in women during pregnancy.

Also may be you feel itchy on the region effected by blisters, allergies, hives and fungal infections. Some causes of local reaction or a particular area of skin itching include eczema, contact dermatitis, poison oak and ivy, insect bites or sting, scabies, parasites. Dandruff turns the scalp itchy leading to itchy skin and hair fall all together.

Adverse reactions to medicines also lead to itchy skin. Some conditions like chicken pox, measles cause your skin to itch. Some itchy rashes are caused by anal, genital and vulval itching. All these types are associated with other disorders

Itching All Over! Some people experience itchy skin all over the body not knowing the exact cause. But keep in mind that this in majority is associated with allergic reaction, reaction to medication, food allergy, insect allergy, may be because of Jaundice, leukemia, kidney disease, particularly dry skin and may be sometimes due to hypothyroidism

So there you are with all the probable reasons behind that itchy skin. Hope you have the reason behind your itchy skin. If so start treating your self in appropriate manner at the earliest.


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