Itchy Skin No Rash: What Does It Mean?

Whenever you find yourself with itchy skin no rash, you can usually place that blame on the fact that you were outside too much for a few days.

Skin damage that results from the Sun will usually result in the skin peeling, and this is sometimes accompanied with an itchy feeling in the affected areas. This is one of the many reasons that your mother always told you to wear Sunblock before you went outside to play every day during the summer.

Itchy Skin No Rash

Itchy skin no rash can actually have a few other causes that would be more severe, but you can usually narrow it down to Sunburn if you realize that you’ve been outside too much lately.

A week’s vacation at the beach will usually do the trick and causes skin burn, so make sure to stay inside during these vacations for at least some of the day. Sitting outside in the Sun for the entire vacation will actually do some serious harm to your body if you don’t wear Sunscreen for the entire week.

These kinds of problems are especially prevalent for people with fair skin who originally come from places like Ireland.

If you know your skin does not get along with the Sun very well, then you need to make sure that you don’t stay out there in the Sun too often. If you are going to be at the beach all day, at least make sure that you get in the water every now and then to hydrate your skin at bit.

Fighting against your itchy skin no rash

The best thing you can do to fight against your itchy skin no rash is to never allow your body to get sunburned in the first place. There are many obvious methods of helping to make this a reality, and you should usually be fine as long as you don’t stay outside in the Sun for more than a few hours each day.

You should also make sure you are applying the appropriate type of Sunblock before you go out in the Sun each day because different people will need a different level of power from their Sunscreen.

If you’ve already felt the burn from the Sun and know that skin problems are in your near future then you will have to rely on the power of various creams and ointments that should be able to cool you down.

Most people love the cooling effect of anything that is cold on skin that has been burned, but you need to make sure that the cream or ointment you are applying is actually beneficial to skin that has been damaged by the Sun. The best thing to use on skin that has been burned is usually any kind of aloe vera, which you can find at any local drug store.

Patience will be the key

Patience is the best tool to use when you have itchy skin no rash because you just have to be able to wait until the itchy qualities of your skin disappear. There are a few things you can do to help speed up the process, but you are ultimately just going to have to wait it out like everybody else.


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