Melanoma Skin Cancer Symptoms

When people hear about cancer they think of it as a death sentence. Although it is scary to have some kind of cancer, you should know that usually there is a treatment. It is good to know about themelanoma skin cancer symptoms to recognize the problem during the early stages and to take measures.

Early symptoms

The most obvious sign is a change in shape, color or size of a mole or other kind of skin growth, like a birthmark. In order to evaluate the changes you should use the ABCDE method. A stands for asymmetry, while B means border irregularity. It is possible for the edges to be blurred, notched or ragged.


Further information

C stands for color. It may be alarming if the color of the mole isn’t uniform. It is possible to noticeshades of brown, tan and black. If the color distribution changes, it could be an early sign of cancer. D is for diameter; if the mole’s diameter is larger than 6 mm, it is a cause for concern.

In case you are interested in the melanoma skin cancer symptoms, you should also think about E or evolution. If the shape, size, symptoms (like tenderness or itching), color, or the surface (like bleeding) change, it is time for you to see a specialist about the problem.


The people looking for the signs may see changes in elevation like the raising or thickening of an existing mole. The surface of the mole could change as well: there may be erosion, scaling, bleeding, oozing or crusting.

What to look out for?

The melanoma skin cancer symptoms also involve changes of the surrounding skin, like swelling, redness, or the appearance of new color patches. New sensations might also appear, like burning, tingling or itching. Consistency changes may include softening of the mole or friability.

Later warning signs of melanoma skin cancer

It is important to keep an eye out for bleeding from a mole or a break in the skin, thickening under the skin or a colorless mole, gray skin, weight loss, cough, seizures and headaches. As you can see some of the symptoms don’t seem to have anything to do with the skin at all.

Make sure that you keep an eye out for the melanoma skin cancer symptoms to have everything under control.


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