Ouch! These Cracked Heels Are So Painful!

cracked heelsYes they really are painful. But friends do you know why on earth did you get those cracked heels?

Is it your negligence or is it just for some other reason? Find good information on cracked heels their causes and treatment options available.

Cracked heels can be treated at home! They can be easily tackled and well got rid off at home. Proper foot care will give relife from cracked heels and corn.

Find out some good home made recipes to cure cracked heels and much more in short.

Cracked Heels! As the name suggests this is due to excessive dryness or continuous wetness of feet which leads to cracks in heels of the feet and also in between the toes.

These cracked heels are surely a sign of utter negligence which lead to several common and embarrassing situations which have been pretty well avoided by care.

Though no major harm is caused by these cracked heels sometimes the deep cuts and cracks are so painful that it becomes very difficult to walk and interferes in day to day activity making situation worse. In some cases occurrence of cracked heels is also a sign of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

The most stressed area in the body are the feet specially the rim of heel and the toes. Cracks may possibly occur in any part of the body but as feet heels are the well exposed areas they have high chance of developing cracks. The dryness or the skin disorder xerosis is supposed to be the common cause of cracked heels.

Good News! Yes you can pretty well treat cracked heels at home like the corns and other feet ailments. What is required is regular and well planned cleansing and nourishment of the feet. These are most common feet ailments which can be pretty well avoided and cured at the same time.

Negligence! If left neglected these cracked heels may become more painful and even start bleeding. In some cases this may lead to infection and the condition may be critical to handle in some patients who are already suffering from underlying disease or ailments like diabetes. Recovery for these types of patients becomes very difficult.

It occurs most commonly in elder people and also people who are on a constant move on their feet as a lot of pressure is exerted on their heels. Both the heels are affected but at times cases are seen where only one heel gets affected.

Tip of the Day! In order not to create any complications it is intelligent to keep your feet well nourished and pampered. One such home recipe to make your feet cracks free and get that smooth and soft touch is that it is very important to clean and moisturize your feet daily.

Before you go to bed put your feet for 15 minutes in mild and warm soap water. Let them soak well, after this wash off the soap and dry your feet completely cleaning them with soft cloth or towel. Pedicure is beneficial in acquiring beautiful feet.

Remember not to neglect in between the toe area. Now take Vaseline 1 tsp and mix it well with one lemon juice, rub this mixture thoroughly on your feet until well absorbed. Repeat this procedure daily to cure your cracked heels and prevent them from happening again.


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