Protect Your Skin From Sunburn!

sunburnI know your desire to have a good sun bath and go in a sunny day on an outing will never end.

No wonder you will enjoy your day but did you ever think what this may lead to. Sunburn! It can be dangerous and a high risk factor for some complications such as skin cancer!

So before you lie down for your sun bath, be sure how far you need it and to what extent it will help you and is your skin ready to take it meaning is it protected properly or not. Over sun exposure will not only damage your skin texture, lead to various skin orders but also may give way to skin cancer.

Generally the sunburn is the result of not using proper skin protection while sunbathing or even from routine sun exposure the skin becomes red, tender and swollen. In all cases you may have a stinging sensation and blisters may also occur in some advanced cases.

Peeling of the skin usually follows several days later. The pain of sunburn is usually greatest between 6 and 48 hours after exposure. A low grade fever may also occur in some people. Once the skin underneath has renewed itself the skin will eventually start shedding or peeling off.

Don’t think that sunburns are a matter of concern for light or fair people. It is surely dark skinned people problem too. Did you know that Sunburn may even occur in less than 15 minutes of sun exposure for light-skinned persons and for a dark-skinned person it may take hours to develop sunburn? This reflects that fair skinned people are at more risk than dark skinned people.

Studies reveal that Sunburn is either caused by excessive exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet light source. The reason for the occurrence of sunburn is because the body is unable to make enough melanin to protect the skin.

Irreversible skin damage and melanoma skin cancer are the major side effects of sunburn. In order to protect your skin from sunburn you can wear hats and clothes to cover your body and head. Never ever forget to apply sunscreens before leaving home as these absorb the powerful UV light.

Peak Hours! Try not to go out during the afternoon time. The UV rays are at intense during these hours. If you are under an impression that on cloudy day you can get out without a sunscreen then you have mistaken because clouds don’t block UV rays.

Eyes Protection! Don’t forget to protect your eyes too by wearing UV filtering sunglasses. Use lip balm with sunscreen to protect lips from burning. Apply sunscreen when you are swimming in an outdoor pool too. Please note that you can even get sunburn while swimming.


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