Radiation Treatment for Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is a kind of skin cancer that is initiated from melanocyte cells present in the body. The skin cells that suffer from melanoma turns black or brown in colour and loses its natural skin colour. While the growth and progress of these melanoma cells can start from any part of the human body but in men they usually start growing from the end of their neck and in women it may start from the legs.

radiation treatment for melanoma skin cancer

The appropriate diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer is extremely crucial for deciding the treatment options for the patients. While there are many different treatment types available, radiation treatment formelanoma skin cancer is one of the most effective ways to treat the problem. Radiation therapy is of two types namely External beam radiation therapy and Internal radiation therapy.

What is Radiation Therapy for Melanoma Skin Cancer

Radiotherapy is a common treatment procedure that involves the high beam energy rays to kill all thecancer cells. This therapy focuses essentially on the external skin cells on the body where cancer cellsare present. Radiation therapy provides pain relief to the patient in the region of cancer due to the specific target radiation involved in this treatment. The extent of radiation required is decided based on the area where skin cancer has occurred apart from the stage of cancer.

Duration of Radiotherapy

In some cases radiotherapy can be given only once but most of the time radiotherapy treatment goes on for few weeks where in it is given every day to the patients from Monday to Friday giving them the rest over the weekend. In some patients it can also be given thrice a week.

Impact of Radiotherapy on the Body

The procedure of radiation therapy is similar to getting an X-ray but it is more powerful. This procedure is painless but it can cause the skin cells to become red and swollen up which starts becoming normal once the radiotherapy sessions are over. After this treatment the skin where radiation therapy has been done becomes very sensitive to sun exposure as well.

If the radiotherapy part of your body has hair, then most of the hair would be lost during the treatment which will again start growing back only after the treatment is over. Some of the other impacts of theradiation therapy on a patient are extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and nausea.


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