Rashes While Shaving Bikini Area? Tips for Rash Free Bikini Shave!

In summer time, take out your bathing suit and expose some skin to the hot sun.

Also, it is the time to concentrate more on area for bikini shave, a most sensitive area.

Most of the women prefer bikini waxing while some takes care of it with bikini shave.

Tips While Shaving Bikini Area

Maintaining bikini shave may seem to be effortless however, there is nothing worse than bikini burn from bikini shave.Shaving Bikini Area

Without proper care and skipping important shaving steps you can burn the bikini area repeatedly. Follow these great tips while bikini shave area for a soft look.

Prepping is the most precious things you can do for your skin when you are shaving. Apply a deep moisturizing lotion to the bikini shave area the previous night, when you want to bikini shave in the early mornings. The lotion makes the hair softer the whole night and it will be much easier for shaving bikini area.

Allow your bikini shave area hair to soften with the water and heat for obtaining best results. So, never prefer shaving as the primary tasks when you go for a bath rather rinse your body and hair before selecting up the shaver.

The best idea, when you are in urgency and want to bikini shave, is to apply the hair conditioner on the bikini area for a minimum of two minutes before starting your shave, as it moisturizes the area for a better bikini shave.

Selecting the suitable shaver is the key to an excellent shave. Most of the women prefer ordinary shaving method for shaving bikini area rather than an electric shaver. It is a good practice of shaving bikini area with trimmers, as it gives you a smooth shave.

The shaver needs to be clean and sharp, as a dull shaver or blade will probably get your bikini burn.

It is more essential to have a shaving means on hand, when you are ready to bikini shave. Using soap while shaving bikini area can dry the area leaving a rash. Better use a sensitive skin shaving cream or gel for shaving bikini area.

Use a man’s shaving cream when you are unknown of these creams or gels, as it contains the same ingredients like a female shaving cream but with a musk scent rather than clean scent.

Make use of specific products specially prepared for sensitive areas, bikini area, only by reading the detailed information of usage on the bottle. These are a great way to prevent bikini burn.

It is even more important to take care of the bikini shave after shaving. So, moisturize the area as soon as you come out of your shower or bath. Apply an unscented lotion for a sensitive skin.

Instead of moisturizing lotion, you can apply baby powder or baby oil on shaved areas. Avoid going into pools after you shave, as it contains salty water or chemicals. So, moisturize the area immediately coming out of the pool.

Bikini burn is an irritating one and you can do nothing for it to heal. Simply let the area to heal on its own. Over-the-counter chafing lotions can heal the area to some extent. Avoid shaving the area until the rash is vanished and also the pools until it heals. Always wear loose-fitting clothes.

Shaving bikini area daily, only once, makes it less sensitive and prevents you from bikini burn. Avoid bikini shave in the winter, but start shaving in the bath suit weather for desolating early irritations.


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