All you Need to Know About Rolling Acne Scars

Acne scars are dreadful looking marks or scars that get formed once the acne goes away.  Acne scars are of many different types, sizes and appearances and each has its own set of characteristics. Among the many different kinds of acne scars, rolling acne scars are one of the most common.

These scars are relatively larger or broader depressions in the skin which have sloping and rounded edges.  When different types of these scars combine in one region of the skin, they get a rolling appearance and hence get the name of rolling acne scars.

know about rolling acne scars

The following is some more information about rolling acne scars that you may need to know about.

Rolling scars are usually more common in the case of those individuals who have had the history of patches on skin which could be the result of long term inflammatory acne on the face or other parts of the skin.  These tend to get more pronounced as the skin ages and loses the natural or original fullness and elasticity that it had.

Treatments for Rolling Acne Scars

The following is a list of the possible treatments for rolling acne scars:

Laser Resurfacing

This is a deep laser peel treatment method in which CO2 laser or erbium is used in order to ablate the skin to a depth which is needed to treat the acne scars. This is an operation like procedure which is performed under the influence of an aesthesis. The recovery period takes about 2 weeks and may sometimes carry a risk of infection.


This is a simple surgical process which works effectively in treating rolling acne scars. This method uses a needle which is inserted under the skin of the affected area in order to cut the septa and then release the skin.  One needs about 2-6 sessions of this treatment with a time period of 1 month in between each session.

Focal Peeling

This is a process which involves the usage of high amounts of trichloroacetic acid. This acid is needed to achieve depth in the treatment. This process must be used only on affected areas and a toothpick like applicator is needed to target one scar at a time. The acid helps to destroy the appearance and effect of the rolling scar but the skin around it is not affected. One may need 3-6 sessions of this which are spaced one month each apart.

Punch Excision

This is a process which involves cutting out the scar and then suturing the skin back together. The result of this process is a small line which replaces the scar or mark. The line usually fades away with time.


This is basically a superficial skin peel in which not only the scar is removed but the skin looks much brighter and clearer after the procedure is done. This procedure is great for those who suffer from various types of acne at the same time but it is too superficial to cause a real difference in deeper scars.


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