Dealing With Painful Keloid Scars

scarsKeloid scars are formed when an area has been marked or scarred, the skin which is made up of tissue can grow over the affected area and slightly raised in size and pink in color.

These scars can hurt even though they are new tissue growths healed over existing injuries.

Men and women can be affected by these scars but they are known to be more common in young people under the age of twenty.

These scars appear when the existing injury has been filled and is then swelled by collagen making the scar more enlarged and engorged.

The scars do not hurt as such, but can lead to serious problems later on and could lead to the chances of you contracting skin cancer later on in your life. Keloid scars can be found on your chest, back and arms and even with modern medicine, there seems to be no cure for the condition.

The scars can be removed surgically if they tend to cause a problem and can be known to be quite disfiguring, if the condition is extreme. A simple way of helping the scars decrease in size is by dressing the affected areas with silicone gel. [Scar Removal]

There are other treatments that you can have performed to help reduce the size of the scars and one of these is in the form of an injection, but they are certainly not guaranteed to work.

It is often worth noting, that this treatment can be quite painful and sore and that local anesthetic would be recommended for anyone under the age of seventeen having an injection. The scars can still hurt a short while after, any anesthetic has worn off.

Surgery is the most common way of removing them but there still remains a 50% chance of the Keloid scars returning again. Another way of helping to get rid of them is by having laser treatment, but this is not always the best option to take, as the scars tend not to go down in size after treatment.

Keloid Scars are rare and are often associated with the skins of Asian and African people. The conditions are often found to be genetic in some cases and you will need the guidance of your doctor to try and help you with the best course of treatment.


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