Easing The Effects Of Acne Scars

acne scarsAcne scars can be very disfiguring but there are various remedies that will help, some will take longer than others to show results.

The most obvious precaution that suits everyone and assists with most ailments is maintaining a healthy balanced diet and drinking lots of water.

A good and regular skin cleansing routine should become as much second nature as teeth cleaning, during teenage years especially.

There are a myriad of products available for the various skin types and if you are not sure ask at your local pharmacy. The skin should always be protected from the harmful rays of the sun by using a good strength sun block or cream.

Certain vitamins enhance the renewal of skin cells and are readily available as supplements, these are in particular E but C and D are useful too.

These also have antioxidant properties which will strengthen your body’s defense against things that can cause damage to the skin for example free radicals.

There are certain procedures that can be used to correct severe scarring and those include a chemical peel and dermabrasion. These are usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon and can cost quite a bit, if you have a strong desire to take this course of action then always chose someone that had been recommended.

Dermatologists will give you more detailed advice based on your own particular problem and after all they are the experts in their field. They are also very familiar with every product and its suitability for your skin.


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