Scar Treatment – The Surgery Alternatives

In case you have a scar, which you don’t like to remove with surgery, here are few options how to remove it without any intervention.

The so called micro-derm-abrasion is a very effective procedure that represents a deep skin peeling. It works very simple – the skin is sandblasted with a micro-crystal flow and this peels off a very fine skin layer, which is a layer made out of dead cells.


The Micro-abrasion works on sunken and raised scars, but the raised scars are easier to remove. The real improvement will come after 10 procedures, so you will need a month or 2 to remove the scars.

There is another method of removing scars: the laser resurfacing. It works as it removes several skin layers thanks to different wavelength lasers. The permanent result can be achieved only with one procedure, but it is a painful and very expensive one.

The steroid and the collagen injections are also a good decision, but you should know that they may have side effects. The collagen ones flatten the scars and allow growth of new skin, but it works only for not so deep scars.



The steroid injections are injected directly into the scars and they remove only hypertrophic scars. They have side effects and the treatment is long, up to 10 sessions per month.


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