How to Treat Stitch Scars Effectively

A stitch on the skin can patch you up but often they leave behind some unwanted marks and scars. Whether the scar is from an injury or from a surgery, it is best that you deal with the scar marks and thanks to science and cosmetic options; you will have abundant choices for the same.

Scars from stitches don’t heal on their own and here are a few helpful tips to deal with them –

treat stitch scars effectively

Deal with your Injury/Surgery Scars

  • Make sure that your stitch is covered and not open. An open wound takes more time to heal and that will also make the scar vanishing time more.
  • Use bandage that absorbs moisture and try and keep your stitch away from water. Moisture is the worst enemy of a stitch on your skin and the dryer it remains the faster it will heal.
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound. This chemical destroys new skin cells and for your scar to vanish you definitely need new skin cells to grow.
  • To avoid bacterial infection in the stitched area, apply antibiotic ointment while cleaning when the wound is fresh.
  • After the stitches have been removed, apply vitamin E oil once a day. This smoothens and rejuvenates the skin. But the trick is to not apply vitamin E when your wound is healing. It only works when your wound has healed and your skin has grown again and there is no wound.
  • Contrary to popular belief the sun’s rays can act against your skin when you want the scars to vanish. Though the sun’s rays will help to keep your skin dry, they will however activate melanocytes that will create pigmentation in the skin and that will create a difference in the skin tones. So even though your scar marks will almost vanish you will have pigmented skin.
  • If your scar has become red and itchy, do not wait for time to heal it. You may have an infection and instead of speculating what to do, consult a doctor right away.
  • Laser treatments are great to remove scars. These treatments have a lot of potential and not only are they effective on the new scars, but they are great even for the old ones.

Thus with the help of above given tips you can treat your stitches scars effectively.

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