Top Treatment for Scars

There are a lot of different factors that influence the treatment for scars. There are numerous different kinds of options for treating them, but you can’t expect them all to work, and also you shouldn’t expect any of them to do magic.

Creams, ointments and gels as treatment for scars

These can be found in the form of over the counter or prescription products and they are meant to work with scars that have been caused by surgical incisions or other wounds or injuries. In case you had work done by a plastic surgeon, then you should ask for his or her opinion regarding the products that could help you. Usually the scar treatments come with antihistamine or corticosteroids, especially in case of the scars that are sensitive and itching.


On the other hand, if you are treated by a dermatologist and you would need scar treatment because of severe acne, you should ask for the suggestion of the doctor. Besides the creams the dermatologist could suggest you to be using silicone gel sheeting or pressure treating to treat or to prevent the scars.

Surgical treatment

If the scars are deeper, you should be thinking about surgical ways for scar treatment. There are numerous different ways to do this, including skin grafts, dermabrasion, excision or laser surgery.

In case of the skin graft the surgeon will remove the skin from another body part, and this kind of treatment for scars is usually used in case of the burn victims. In case these scars also cause problems with function, the surgeon will take care of this aspect as well.

Before the surgery you will discuss with your doctor whether you will have local anesthesia, general anesthesia or oral sedative.

In case you have had plastic surgery that left your with scars, you should wait about a year before you start thinking about scar treatments. In some cases as time goes by the scars become less visible.


If we are referring to protruding scars, including hypertrophic or keloids, you doctor may advise you to be using steroid injections. This could be used as a treatment on its own, but it may also be paired with other kinds of treatment for scars.

There are also some other kinds of injections available as well, such as collagen and other substances known as fillers, and these might be useful in case of the pitted scarring. Nonetheless you should keep in mind that using such injections isn’t a permanent scar treatment.

As you can see, there are so many options for treatments that you could get overwhelmed by all the options. This is why it is best to talk to your doctor to find out his or her opinion regarding the kind of treatment for scars that may be the most suitable for you.

In case you don’t get the results that you have been hoping for, return to your doctor and tell him or her about the effects that you have encountered. Maybe there is another solution that would work better.


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