Ways to Treat Tattoo Scarring

A tattoo is a form of permanent body art which employs the insertion of indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin. It is a rage and style among the new generation way of self expression. Tattoo scarring is a common phenomenon which takes place when the tattoo is not done accurately and it looks blotchy, indistinct with running colours or elevated skin.  Every tattoo is accompanied by a certain amount of scarring because this procedure involves damaging the skin to insert the ink into the dermal layer of the skin.

ways to treat tattoo scarring

Causes of Tattoo Scarring

  • Scarring of the tattoo takes place when the technique is not carried out efficiently by the artist and he applies excessive force during the procedure causing skin damage.
  • Tattoo scarring is dependant on a person’s healing mechanism. Some have a profound healing ability producing minimum scar and some are very prone to scarring.
  • Scarring takes place if a tattoo is infected immediately after being etched on the skin.
  • Sometimes only portions of the tattoo scars like some lines, shaded area in the tattoo etc. This results due to a damaged, hooked or barbed needle.
  • Improper placement of the tattoo gun also results in scarring. If the tattoo gun is placed at an angle of 45 degree, there are chances of the skin getting abraded and consequently scarring. 

Signs of Scarring

  • The skin appears raised.
  • The skin looks blotched up
  • If the scarring is severe, the tattoo looks blurred, faded with running of colours.
  • The skin appears to be uneven and puffy and the colours are not smooth but characterized by ridges. These signs are evident after sometime.
  • The skin becomes signs of itching and dry.

A tattoo is created by inflicting damage to the skin and so it goes without saying that all tattoos cause a certain amount of scarring. The signs of scarring are visible after a period of time. You should always have your tattoo done by an experienced, skilled artist. However if scarring of your tattoo occurs, precautions should be taken to reduce further damage to the skin.

Ways to Treat A Scarred Tattoo 

Treatment with Aloe Vera

This is a natural, herbal remedy, which can be utilized to reduce scarring. You can treat your Scarred tattoo by a leaf sap. Cut out a portion of a leaf and collect the sap. Apply this sap evenly on the affected tattoo. Aloe Vera has a palliative effect on the skin. Leave the sap on the affected area till dry and then wash it off. Use this remedy for 4-5 days. Aloe vera helps in reducing the puffiness, itchiness of the affected area and facilitates the healing process.

Reworking the Tattoo

If the scarring is excessive and the tattoo is beyond repair and cannot be saved, rework is the only option left. You have to wait for a year, after which your tattoo artist will draw another fresh tattoo on the healed area taking the previous one as the base.

Surgical Removal

Another treatment of a scarred, irreparable tattoo is by surgery.

Thus flaunting a chic tattoo is cool and certainly in vogue but do keep in mind the precautions that need to be taken in case of scarring.


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